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LGBTQ... Panel Review

I reviewed a May 2023 Capstone presentation on LGBTQIA2S+ and found it very interesting. DEI; LGBTQIA; ADA - an alphabet soup that can be unraveled as you review this presentation. Having just been required to attend a 2 hour LGBTQIA training last week by my employer, I wanted to see how this presentation matched up with what I learned. I am pleased to say that in just over 40 minutes, I learned even more than I had in the 2 hour training.

You could see that each presenter was immersed into the topic and was able to provide definitions, legal background, and best practices. Then the interview put icing on the presentation with a knowledgeable advocate that provided even more insight.

KUDOS to Aisha, Myah and Teryl!

LGBTQ... Panel Review © 2023 by Sharita Barnett is licensed underCC BY 4.0

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