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Greetings! My name is Jamei Richey and I live just north of New Orleans in Slidell, Louisiana. I have my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Southeastern Louisiana University, my paralegal certificate from the University of New Orleans, and am so excited to receive my Master of Jurisprudence from Tulane University! I have been with the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals 20 years in January 2023. I began in the Clerk's Office, ending as the Assistant Human Resources Specialist. In October of 2019, I began my position as Judicial Assistant to Senior Circuit Judge Jacques L. Wiener, Jr.

I decided to enroll in the MJ program to further my career in human resources. I chose Tulane because I know many people who graduated from Tulane, absolutely loved it, and are so proud to say that they attended such a fine university. And, they have great careers due in large part because of where they graduated from. I know that obtaining my MJ from Tulane will be the beginning of a new, prosperous chapter of my life!

JRBiography © 2023 by Jamei Richey is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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