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Joy Blanchard: Aspiring Labor Advocate in the Education Space

I'm Joy Blanchard, and I am passionate about labor justice.

I currently am an associate professor of Higher Education Administration at Louisiana State University. I received my PhD from the McBee Institute of Higher Education at the University of Georgia and my master's in Higher Education Administration from Florida State University. I am a trained educator and former classroom teacher, holding an Honors baccalaureate in French Education from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

I decided to enroll in the MJ program at Tulane University for several reasons. One, the majority of my scholarly writing and research is on legal issues in higher education. I was fortunate to take several courses at the UGA School of Law while I was a graduate student but lacked a tangible credential. Additionally, I aspire to transition my work from scholar to advocate for the rights of those who work in higher education--from faculty and staff to graduate students and student-athletes. Studying labor and employment law in depth will be instrumental--as it already has been--in conducting that work.

Joy Blanchard: Aspiring Labor Advocate in the Education Space © 2024 by Joy Blanchard is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

Photo credit: LSU Strategic Communications

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