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In the Thick of It - Week 8

We’re heading quickly into the eighth week of this semester (we’re more than halfway!) and our Capstone papers should be coming together. It’s so easy to fall behind because of life and work and another class at the same time. The days pass quickly and the next thing you know your annotated bibliography is late. Don't fall behind! Don't think you can get this done only on the weekends.

The structure of writing this paper feels backward to me but I can understand why we’re doing the leg work first. Collecting primary and secondary sources, researching, taking notes, all of it builds the foundation of our paper so that when the writing begins, it flows.

In the researching, I’ve felt my own angle vary slightly between discriminatory actions surrounding menopause to how do we get current statutes and laws to better protect and support women in the workplace.

It’s a lot, but it’s worth it. And we’re almost there.

In the Thick of It - Week 8 © 2024 by Trinity Lefler is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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