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In the Thick of It

Starting this Capstone project has been the hardest part! Finding the time to research, write, and organize this paper has been a challenge with a full schedule of work travel and the unfortunate consequence of bringing covid back from Las Vegas last week. For the rest of you who are also juggling career, family, life, and school, I’m sending praise and encouragement; this program is not for the faint of heart. Conducting research for this paper has been both frustrating and informative. Deciding what terms to search, figuring out what search tools are most helpful, and parsing through the resulting information have been my biggest tasks over the last few weeks. When deciding to write about the use of AI in recruiting (artificial intelligence) and the role it could play in employment discrimination, I was unsure if there would be enough material to allow for a comprehensive paper. Because the technology is still relatively new in the recruiting space, I worried there may not be any examples AI based discrimination. Thankfully, there have been many legal and non-legal resources on the topic. Right now, I am trying to review the wealth of material I’ve found and organize it to be used in the writing of my first draft. I’ve also sent emails to the sources I’d like to interview for my paper and I’m hoping to hear back soon! This week, I plan to continue to refine my research and organize my paper. Cheers to the rest of you all as we work towards completing our papers!

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