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In the Thick of It

I will say, I am truly in the thick of it all! I've had challenging assignments in college before, but this Capstone paper has been quite the challenge. Finding the exact articles, journals, cases and books on the topic of age discrimination and then putting it in a format that I am unfamiliar with is what has caused me to want to pull out ever strand of hair on my head LOL. The specific focus is age discrimination in the tech world. I not only have reviewed case after case, but I've began to take an introspective look at my self and the company I work for. The techniques that were used to push people out of the company and prevent them from being promoted because of age were distasteful to say the least. I think as I go through the thick of it, the anxiousness comes with course completion being right around the corner it adds a bit of stress to the entire thing. However, I am a positive person and I know that anything you want you have to work for it. Thus the pages of the research paper continue to be drafted.

In the Thick of It © 2022 by Talisha Crooks is licensed underAttribution 4.0 International

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