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In the Thick of It!!!!

Here we are, we made it to the Capstone! I knew it would not be easy and this class would require some heavy lifting, but we can get through it. I will be honest and say the logistics of writing a white paper, working full-time, being

a military spouse, and mother to three young children has brought on a feeling of "OVERWHELMED". However, as I am going through the process of writing this paper, I can say it has been intriguing. I am writing about a topic I am passionate about and could use more knowledge and understanding on.

My paper will cover weight discrimination and why it is still an issue in the workplace. The research portion of this paper has been exciting. I am not only able to take information learned in this program, but new facts and cases based on research that I was unaware of. With that being said, this assignment is no easy one. You have to be disciplined with your schedule, but trust your ability to take on a project of such magnitude. Things that I am finding helpful are:

  1. Give yourself grace- this is new to many of us, so don't be hard on yourself

  2. Utilize your resources- classmates, professors, family/friends, and school resources (i.e. librarian)

  3. Create an assignment schedule outside of the deadlines provided by the professor- block of days that you will read and work on assignment. This ensures you are not trying to cram an assignment into one day at the last minute

  4. Attend all of the live sessions!!!!!!!!Although I am still in this journey, I looked forward to completing this course. I also look forward to meeting with incoming students and sharing my experience and tips on making it through. All of the pieces do eventually fall into place!

In the Thick of It © 2022 by Tameka Lockhart Spann is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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