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In need of inspiration

I feel like I've been tied to my house and my desk for months now! Working from home has its perks, but working from home and spending every weekend, all weekend working on this Capstone paper is TOO much! I had to escape and try a new space to try to bring about inspiration. Writing is my least favorite activity! I follow the K.I.S.S. method when it comes to writing...Keep It Simple Sweetheart! Therefore, this Capstone paper needing to be at least 12 pages is going to take everything in me and then some. Dramatic much, you might say? I can talk about my paper topic for hours after all the time I've spent researching but trying to put it all in professional written form is a whole different story. I would not consider myself a procrastinator in almost every instance, but writing papers in college was always a last minute rush as I just could not bring myself to sit down and write out my thoughts. A good friend in college who was in the Honors Program would edit my papers, and she would always tell me, "You can't write how you speak!" Thankfully, she is still in my life so once my draft is turned in, she will be one of the first people I turn to for a peer review!

I purchased my cap and gown for graduation, and the box is sitting next to my desk at home ready to be opened. I'm using the box as an incentive to write this draft. As soon as I turn in the draft, I will open the box and try on the cap and gown! I can do this!!!

(picture of my set up at the coffee shop)

In need of inspiration © 2023 by Teryl Booth is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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