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Immersion Weekend 2022 Whitney Hickman 5/14/23

Immersion Weekend 2022 was a blast. From the Uber Driver telling me where to eat, an impromptu tour of the city with a member of my cohort on arrival day, to then meeting my classmates and running into one of our professors on night 1 was a lot to pack into a day and the program had not even started yet. The speaker line up was fantastic, the food was non-stop, and the energy of the group was palpable. You knew you were in the right room surrounded by like-minded people, all who were there for the same reason- to further their education and careers as professionals in their fields. A little fun was had between sessions with a scavenger hunt, posing for a student ID, shopping in the bookstore for souvenirs and posing in front of the bead tree on the greens. Last memories. It was such an impactful experience that I wish I was going again in 2023. This work is marked withCC0 1.0

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