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Immersion Weekend

Immersion Weekend at Tulane University was probably my favorite part of the program. I attended Immersion Weekend after completing my third year of the program. For me, that was the best time. I had just spent three years or six semesters working on projects, seeing the faces of my classmates (on zoom class nights), and getting to know them. Now finally getting to meet them in person was so cool. Going to campus with my friends and classmates really made me feel like part of the university and program. We got to see the professors in person (who were almost like celebrities to us), and tour the campus, we went to the bookstore, bought Tulane swag, and explore New Orleans. Having immersion weekend as a requirement for the program, initially made me nervous. That all ended when me and the girls were planning where to meet, what time we were landing, and what we were having for dinner. Looking back, it was the best part of this program and really brings it all together.

Immersion Weekend at Tulane © 2023 by Tara Petroski is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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