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I wrote a blog...and I liked it

When I began reviewing the assignments for this class, I was very concerned about the social media posts. The social media assignments were more intimidating to me than the actual final paper. I do not enjoy writing and generally feel like I have nothing interesting to write about so these seemed like taunting tasks.

Once I chose a topic for our first assignment, Is it FMLA Abuse or a Legitimate Leave?, I began to get excited about the assignment. After I wrote the first paragraph the words began to flow, by the end of the blog, I found that I was enjoying the assignment. Our second social media assignment brought trepidation again, the subject was taunting, An Insider’s View of the MJ-LEL Program.

As I anticipated, I fought with writer’s block and had difficulty getting started. Once the flow began, I found I have a lot to say. To be exact, I had 609 words to say. Having one assignment under my belt, I decided to have fun with this assignment and ended up really enjoying writing this blog.

Somewhere between assignment 1 and assignment 2, I was asked to write a monthly HR column for our industry magazine. 30 days ago, I would have said, “Heck no”, but by the time I finished the 2nd assignment I accepted the invitation to write a monthly column.

It was requested that my first column be an introduction of myself, my role, and how my “law” degree applies to my role and how it benefits my company. I generally have a difficult time writing about myself but thanks to this class I enjoyed writing this column. I was able to outline my thoughts and write a clear and concise column.

I wrote a blog...and I liked it by Kathy Johnson is marked with CC0 1.0.

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