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I'm not a lawyer, but now I think like one!

On January 7, 2021 I logged into my Zoom account for my first in-person class; EMPL6910: Introduction to Employment Discrimination Law Principles and Strategies. Professor Joel Friedman introduced himself and started welcoming us to the MJ-LEL program. He quickly transitioned into discussing how, through this course, we were going to change the way we thought about everyday issues. He explained that while we will not be lawyers after graduating this program, we are going to learn to think like lawyers - when presented with a problem, we are going to ask ourselves; what does the law require, what does the law forbid, and what does it permit? He challenged us to not think of the “shrmy” answer, referring to the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), explaining they often give best practices - instead, we are going to examine the law!

A little under two years later as I enter my last semester of the MJ-LEL program, I can confidently say I think like a lawyer. Whether I am presented with a problem in my workplace or a colleague calls asking for advice, I start with an examination of the facts and ask what does the law require, what does the law forbid, and what does it permit.

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