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I'm here for the Justice

Updated: Jan 28

My name is Coach Carlson and I am a college coach of 14 years at Quinnipiac University and a total of 18 in the NCAA at the DI and III levels in 4 different sports. I am a three-time national champion, but my biggest accomplishment is that my female athletes and former assistant coaches have all gone on to other NCAA programs to lead making our program the top supplier of female coaches in NCAA rugby. I am passionate about being a leader in Women's NCAA Rugby and three-time national championship coach. I appreciate and am energized by coaching, but it is secondary to my passion about the health and welfare of our coaching population.

More important than than coaching is my mission of commitment to equity in college athletics. Athletics remains a staple in a long line of vehicles used to create social change. I am a firm believer that if we have truthful conversations with the next generation, both male and female about equity and treatment, we can solve unfair hiring and ethical practices in athletics. Ultimately this will lead us to a healthier society with both women and men having equal representation in law making, policy development and in the workforce. If you or a coach you know are having trouble finding your voice or understanding your work environment or how to advocate for your program, please connect with me. We can all learn from one another.

Our coaches at all divisions in all sports have remained silent as we have watched our population since Title IX in 1972, plummet from 90% women coaching women's sports, to 41% in 2023 It's time for a second wave of change because our work is not yet complete. I became a law student of Tulane University in 2021 and am thrilled to be adding to my skillset with so some of the most incredible law professors in higher ed so I can share the value of legal literacy and empower my colleagues in athletics while educating forward- thinking administrators.

I have worked with over 100+ coaches, 98% female who have experienced retaliation, harassment, pay discrepancy and felt the sting of losing their livelihood in the process of advocating for their athletes. Here is my profile on LinkedIn

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