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I Have Learned So Much!

My fellow cohorts presentations were fabulous and very helpful. I took notes and will refer back to the information when needed. They presented on the ADA and specifically mental health issues in the workplace. This sometimes is hard for HR and managers to identify because employees do not always feel comfortable sharing this information. Understandable since these issues are very personal. However, we have to make sure we follow what is required and are tuned in to our employees needs.

I also watched The "Silence No More" presentation. This talked about the me too movement and privacy around reporting sexual harassment. The focus was around the new law in Washington and whether it would help or hinder efforts to address this important harassment issue. Does the law encourage people to come forward or does all the focus and publicity in recent years keep victims from coming forward?

I am so fortunate to be a part of this cohort. I have learned so much from my fellow HR professional's!

The countdown is here and I am turning more gray by the day!! :)

Tracie Fleischer Fall 2022 MJ Program

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