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I Definitely Don’t Know Everything!

When I first started the MJ-LEL Program, I didn’t know what to expect! After 20+ years of human resource experience, I figured I knew a lot about the HR function. However, inside of the first few minutes of live class #1 in my very first MJ-LEL course, I realized that there was A LOT to still learn!

I have found that the fundamentals we learned in the first two semesters were critical to giving each of us a baseline on the legal side of things.

What I like the most about our MJ-LEL Program is the option for selecting our electives. I wish we could take them ALL! I have found that the electives are extremely relevant and specialize is certain areas of the HR – legal intersection of our challenging and every-changing roles!

MJ-LEL Capstone© 2022byJessica Finneganis licensed underCC BY 4.0

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