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How are things going so far, it is fair to say a big blur! I keep telling myself I can do this; I can do hard things but than I get behind in life and in class. I have always been able to manage a lot going on whether it be my family, career, activities, etc. but managing a lot going on is a challenge this semester. I know my limitations and I typically take one class a semester. This semester I decided I am going to just finish my degree, so I am taking two classes. As luck would have it my work travel schedule has picked back up again so I am traveling nearly every week for work and of course in all different time zones. The frustrating part of the travel is my best laid plans of working on the plan seems to get de-railed each time as the internet/Wi-Fi has been spotty with availability on planes. When I say it is a big blur, I am literally focusing on one assignment at a time, and I hope it will all fall into place and fit nicely together. I know I have enough research as I had the ability to pick and choose my favorite pieces for my annotated bibliography. I know the topic and I feel comfortable writing about it. The outline was not difficult for me, so I have to think I have been putting in enough time in this class and doing the work enough that I am in a good place. That is the key, I put so much pressure on myself wondering am I doing this class justice, have I done enough research, am I engaging enough will it be enough in the end. I must keep telling myself; one day at a time, one assignment at a time and I am a survivor in life-I can do hard things!

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