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HR Professionals with Law Degrees. Is it worth it?

Furthering my education has always been a priority for me. I graduated from the University of La Verne with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and I’m currently pursuing my Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law (MJLEL) from Tulane University. Currently, I serve as the Director Talent Acquisition US Commercial, Global Corporate & Global Talent Acquisition Operations with a pharmaceutical company.

As a Talent Acquisition professional for over 23 years, I have come to the realization that knowledge in labor and employment law is imperative in the workplace. Employment laws change on a regular basis and can vary by country/state/city and keeping up with the changes to be proactive is imperative to the success of a company. It affects how we manage our day-to-day, how we build our process, procedures, how we respond to issues in the workplace and teaches us how to proactively mitigate risk to the organization across various labor and employment law issues. Simply put, being educated in labor and employment law is a valuable skill that every HR professional should possess.

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Karie Valadez

April 27, 2023

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