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How I Felt at The beginning of my Capstone Paper and How I Feel Now at The End.

When I first started the CAPSTONE the above GIF is how I was feeling. I was all over the place and I made a decision on what I wanted my paper to be about but then I wanted to changed it. I was all over the place and worried that I might not make this work the way I want it to work. I like writing but I never had to write the way this paper is required with footnotes and bibliography. Made me nervous but with Professor Townsend Gard patience with me and time to meet and talk to me allow me to workout and over come my fear. Fear can cripple you if you do not get control over it. I am very happy with how things turned out with my paper and I am looking forward to using my all the skills that I learned toward my job. I am glad I purchased the blue book and signed up for the Core Grammar for Lawyers (CGL) to strengthen my writing skill. I will use the blue book and the Core Grammar for Lawyers to better my strength as a policy writer. Bellow GIF is how I am feeling now.

This is an experience that I would do all over again because anytime I am uncomfortable I know I am learning and I welcome uncomfortable every time.

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