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Hold on Tight!

By Shena L. Holliday, SHRM-CP, Tulane MJ-LEL Student

My name is Shena Holliday, and I have worked in the healthcare field for over fifteen years, as a medical and nursing assistant, then a School-based Site Coordinator. I changed fields in 2017 when I took an HR Administrative Assistant position at a local healthcare administrator. This position began my career and passion for the Human Resources profession. In 2018, I enrolled in a BS-HRM degree program, graduating in September of 2021, after earning the SHRM-CP earlier that same year. After graduating, I knew I wanted to continue my education and after much thought, decided on Tulane’s MJ-LEL program due to its uniqueness and focus on employment law. Each time I headed into one of my degree programs, I knew I was late to the find-your-profession game. But I knew HR was my true calling, and that I had something to offer the field. I went for it and what a whirlwind the last 5 years have been!

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I am still in my very first HR job and currently serve an organization of 90 employees administering the full HR cycle and enjoy it very much. No day is the same. I feel like I make a difference, contribute to a positive, respectful, and enjoyable company culture, and add value at the employee-, supervisor-, executive-, and strategic-level.

The Tulane degree program has provided value to my personal and professional life. The HR profession is a mix of the ever-changing legal world and the complex people world. I am confident this program has provided me the knowledge and skill to be a skilled legal professional and contribute to my community and employer. Preparing us to be visionaries, as one of my professors said.

I did a minute of research on when most folks find their careers, and surprisingly I am right on track. Data from encourages workers to remain flexible in their 30s in case something better comes along. Then it says when you hit your 40s you should be establishing yourself as an expert. So, no matter your age, generation, or specialty, to quote one of my favorite bands of all time, “hold on tight to your dream". -Electric Light Orchestra - Hold On Tight (Official Video) (

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Hold on Tight! © 2024 by Shena L. Holliday is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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