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Hello World!

My Capstonian Biography

Hello everyone! My name is Leann Coley. I'm currently an HR Manager for a global manufacturing company called Oregon Tool. I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management in 2002 and have been working in Human Resources ever since. I’ve worked in HR compliance and administration, recruiting, talent management, and employee relations/investigations. I've accumulated amazing experiences in various vertical markets spanning manufacturing, logistics, financial retail, and nuclear power generation where I also had an opportunity to work in a union environment.

After several years of evaluating various programs, I decided to pursue my MJ-LEL at Tulane University. I am a very goal-oriented person, but I’m also very practical. I did not want to dedicate time and money to a program just to receive a graduate degree. I also knew I wanted to diversify myself from my HR peers who typically sought an MBA. Tulane University’s MJ-LEL program was exactly what I was searching for. Obtaining this degree will complement the years of experience I’ve obtained and help provide valuable legal expertise in employment law. I am now equipped to better understand and identify the relevant federal and state regulations to a given situation and identify an organization’s gaps and deficiencies based on this knowledge to strategize improvements necessary to build and strengthen processes and policies.

Hello World! My Capstonian Biography © 2023 by Leann Coley is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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