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Having Fun Writing!

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

When I first started the research for my paper for the Capstone class, I was a bit anxious about it. However, now that I am through the bibliography (which for me was the hardest part), I feel like I am in a groove. I really am enjoying the topic partly because I have lived it, and because I have a real interest and curiosity about the subject matter. Once I sifted through various case law, articles, blogs, and real life experiences, it has been fun writing the draft. My paper topic discusses and analyzes the relationship/dynamic between the recruiter and hiring manager in organizations. Once I started writing the draft and leaning on my sources, it flowed, which was super fun!! Thanks to my classmates and Professor Townsend Gard for always being so positive and supportive. This has been a great experience!!

Now my challenge is making it all flow from section to section and writing so the reader can understand all the nuances that happen with these roles in different organizations. I have gone back and forth while writing, sometimes thinking I don't have enough information to thinking, "Oh no I may have too much!" I stopped worrying about that and just continue to write the draft. I will wait until the end to see how much I have. I may have to add or pare down.

Hi to all my classmates and happy writing :)

Tracie Fleischer, MJ graduating class of 2023

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