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Full Throttle!

Forging onward! There is no slowing down in this penultimate phase before graduation. 

A lot of momentum heading into week eight of the 2024 MJ-LEL Capstone class and we are pressing the gas just a little harder as we head towards the halfway point. This is a milestone as we have completed a very intense three weeks working on our bibliographies and outlines for our papers. This is a grand undertaking in which we gathered our primary and secondary sources and spent countless and continuing hours researching our topics, keeping notes, and putting together our references, citations, and sources to support our paper. Part of the work is accomplished by utilizing Tulane’s extensive libraries and leveraging our expert professors and knowledgeable librarians to keep us in the right direction. Of course, there’s a little dabble in exploring the Library of Congress, Google and Google Scholar and finding professional and expert websites like Research Gate, SSRN, and JSTOR as well as connecting with authorities in the field in which we are researching.  

With an outline completed, and our audience identified, it is now time to go full throttle and start crafting the paper, starting with a captivating introduction and leading to a comprehensive and educational white paper that captures people’s interest and advocates for action and change.  

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Full Throttle! © 2024 by Eric Kalet is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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