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Focus, Focus, Focus

We are halfway through the semester and “focus” has been what I have been telling myself over the last couple of weeks. I have known for some time that my Capstone paper topic would be Gender Dysphoria. Having now completed my research, I have realized that because there is so much information on Gender Dysphoria I was having challenges with focusing my paper. I started my outline some time ago but didn’t revisit it again until earlier this weekend and even though I have submitted it, I am confident I will make changes to the structure of my paper as I begin writing it.

I did get some good news this evening, though. A colleague of mine has agreed to be confidentially interviewed for my paper, so I am excited that I will have real testimony from an individual experiencing gender identity and, possibly, gender dysphoria. My plan is to weave this interview into my paper to correlate it with the topics covered.

Right now, I am about a week behind on assignments, which is frustrating. Not only was I having challenges focusing my paper, but I am also having challenges with finding focused time to work on my paper. Over the remaining weeks, I plan to challenge myself to work on my paper a little each day instead of trying to find large blocks of time to work on it.

Focus, Focus, Focus © 2023 by Shalom Wilburn is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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