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My capstone paper is done, and I guess this means my graduate school program is too. Writing about religious exemptions and the protection it provides to now any organization who claims to be religious was a great learning experience. Discriminating on behalf of God seems silly to me but laws are there to protect people’s beliefs whether they differ from mine or not. Just like I am unsure what my future holds now that this program is over I am still unsure what direction the law is going to go in terms of who's protections are more important. LGBTQ people, women, and other protected classes protections under the law seem to be increasing be usurped by Supreme Court rulings in favor of the religious protections under the First Amendment.

These classes only taught me how to understand and read the law better which is an invaluable skill in today's world. It did not, however, help me understand where exactly the laws and protections under them are headed culturally. Much like me and my future, we as a culture get to decide who should be protected and who needs protecting the most. Conservative states are continuing to pass legislation that erodes protections of certain protected classes under the guise of religious liberty. More liberal leaning states continue to pass legislation that affords these classes more protections, the only difference I could ascertain from my research is the Supreme court seems to be on the side of the conservative legislators. I didn't have a final answer in my paper, just my opinion, but just like the future of anything it will be interesting to see it unfold.

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