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Fellow Capstonians: What I’ve Learned from my Peers

During our Capstone class, we were all required to join groups where others were working on capstone projects similar to our own topics. We prepared our presentations and recorded them on zoom, and were then tasked with watching at least one other group’s zoom presentation and writing a blog post about it. (Spoiler alert - I watched all of them!). Did you know Washington State has a silenced no more law designed to offer transparency about discrimination and sexual harassment & assault in the employment context? In other words, confidentiality agreements and quiet settlements are out the window now. Although it was designed to support the #MeToo movement, there were unintended consequences.

Age and weight discrimination - yes, we all know that discrimination exists in many forms. Did you know putting the year you graduated high school or college on your resume can subject you to age discrimination? Or that overweight and obese individuals are routinely offered less in terms of salary and benefits as their more thinly sliced peers?

I learned quite a bit from my peers during this assignment, and I encourage you to review the blog articles they’ve all written to learn more about these topics!

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