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Experience the MJ Program at Tulane Law School


This is truly all I can say. My expectation were more than exceeded. I came to Immersion Weekend thinking it was just a career fair, or a small meet and greet. It was way more than that. When you are seeing your classmates on Zoom and then you final get to see them in person, it is an out of body experience. This experience is definitely one for the books and one event I will always participate in. Just to hear from past students on how the program has changed their life, I knew I made the right choice. Tulane Law has made a great investment within this program. I came in with no knowledge and am leaving like I have been an HR Director for several years. Please Please Please, do not miss the Immersion Weekend, you will not be disappointed. MJ-LEL

Lisa Blackman

My Final Journey! By Lisa S. Blackman is licensed under CCO 1.0 Universal

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