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Current Anti-Gender Nonconforming Bills in Texas Legislature

Current Anti-Gender Nonconforming Bills in Texas Legislature

For those who want to keep up with the bills the Texas legislature is currently considering that will harm gender nonconforming persons.

The Texas legislature is currently in session, and there are a number of anti-gender nonconforming bills on the docket. This article provides the current landscape of bills in committee. These bills are state specific for Texas, but there are a number of states with similar laws either already passed or currently working their way through their respective state legislatures. Now is the time to be aware and to reach out to your state Senator and Representatives to tell them to stop these bills and instead provide rights and protections for gender nonconforming persons!

  1. Bills blocking minor’s gender-affirming care:

    1. Senate Bill 14/House Bill 1686: This bill targets minors and bans hormone therapies, puberty blockers, and gender-affirming surgeries for those under 18 years old. If this bill passes, it would immediately take effect which would have dire consequences for those currently receiving treatment. This bill also prohibits the use of Medicaid funds for gender affirming care for minors. Additionally, physicians who are found to provide this care for minors will lose their license to practice medicine.

    2. Senate Bill 250/House Bill 41: Almost identical to the above.

    3. House Bill 436: This bill would amend the definitions of child abuse to include gender-affirming care such as hormone therapies, puberty blockers, and gender-affirming surgeries.

    4. Senate Bill 162: This bill will only allow the biological sex of a person under the age of 18 to appear on their birth certificate. The form will only allow a choice of male or female. There is a stipulation that allows for the sex to be left blank if the child was born intersex, but the form should be corrected as soon as the biological sex is determined by listing male or female.

  2. Bills targeting drag performers:

    1. Senate Bill 12: Would impose a $10,000 fine per violation for “sexually oriented performances” held in view or in the presence of a minor.

    2. Senate Bill 475/House Bill 643/House Bill 708/House Bill 1266: Adds in the definition of a “drag performance” to the definitions of sexually oriented business.

    3. Senate Bill 1601: This bill would deny municipal libraries state funds if they are found to have someone in drag reading a book or story to minors.

  3. Bills targeting gender nonconforming athletes:

    1. Senate Bill 15: This bill states that athletes participating in a sport at the collegiate level (intercollegiate athletic competition) may only participate in the sport based on their biological sex. The athlete must provide proof in the form of an original birth certificate or another government document that states their biological sex. The bill also protects someone who reports a violation from retaliation.

    2. Senate Bill 649/House Bill 23: This bill would extend the language in Senate Bill 15 by including junior colleges as well. Additionally, it will extend the scope to private K-12 schools, junior colleges, and universities who compete against public K-12 schools, junior colleges, and universities.

  4. Bills limiting classroom instruction about gender nonconforming persons:

    1. Senate Bill 8: One aspect of this bill would be a ban on any teaching related to gender identity and/or sexual orientation for all grades through grade 12. The bill also requires schools to let parents know of any changes to their child’s mental, emotional, or physical health.

    2. House Bill 1541/House Bill 1155: Similar to Senate Bill 8, but would ban teaching related to gender identity and/or sexual orientation prior to grade 9. House Bill 1541 would also allow parents to sue the school district if the teachers don’t comply with the law.

For those families with gender nonconforming children, these are scary times to say the least. There are organizations working alongside lawmakers to stop these bills from becoming law, but more Texans need to stand up for what is right and just. You can find out who represents you and how to contact them by clicking here. Please take a moment to call or email your representatives to tell them you don’t agree with their treatment of gender nonconforming persons, and to stop supporting these bills!

Current Anti-Gender Nonconforming Bills in Texas Legislature © 2023 by Teryl Booth is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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