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Completion is Near

I am excited to be almost to the finish line in completing this degree. I started back in 2018 and stopped due to personal and family challenges. I attempted to return in 2020 and I was still not able to complete my degree. Last year, after going through some medical challenges, I realized that life is short and I need to finish what I started. I decided that going back to complete my degree was one milestone which I needed to finish.

When I chose to pursue this degree it seem like the best fit for me with my Human Resources career. I felt the program would enhance my journey within human resources and give me the additional knowledge to be successful.

I was elated when excepted back to the program which allowed me the opportunity to complete my degree. The funniest part for me was to my surprise I was closer to completing the program then I thought. Despite all the challenges that I have encountered through my time in pursuing this degree, I feel that I am now ready to move forward.

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