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Capstonian Biography

Nathan is currently the Employee Relations Coordinator for the Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC), a nonprofit organization that provides support and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Clinton, Essex, and St. Lawrence counties of northern New York. His duties include conducting interviews and investigations, facilitating ADA accommodations, and processing UI claims. He also co-chairs the agency’s Recruitment and Retention Committee and, most recently, assisted in securing a nearly $250,000 grant for the agency’s DSP Apprenticeship program.

While completing a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from SUNY-Plattsburgh, Nathan worked for the ARC as an Employment Specialist, helping individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities to successfully find and maintain competitive employment. During this time, Nathan saw firsthand the discrimination sometimes experienced by individuals with disabilities in the workplace. His desire to know the laws governing employment --to better advocate for his clients and others-- naturally led him to the MJ-LEL program at Tulane Law School.

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