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Capstone Research Paper Update

Topic: The Law and Recruitment: Finding the Best Talent while Mitigating Hiring Risks

Finding the best talent while mitigating hiring risk should be at the top of every employers list. Whether small or large, companies run the risk of claims being filed due to the various federal, state, city employment laws in the United States. My approach for writing this paper is to simply dissect each section of the recruitment process to outline the laws regarding advertising, job description, application, artificial intelligence, interviewing, documentation, offers, background checks topics that employers need to consider when building out their best-in-class recruitment process.

After I outline the various laws that are related to each section, I’ll go into the purpose of the topic. For example, how do employers leverage advertising in the recruitment process. Next, I’ll talk about what articles and news exists that highlights the potential issues. Moreover, I’ll go into cases that exist, what the claim was and any outcome, if available and what went wrong in the eyes of the law. Finally, I’ll talk about my recommendations based on all of the information that I have provided in the summary of each section.

As I start to write my paper, I’ll focus on leveraging the outline, then I will start to pull information from my annotated bibliography and begin to craft each paragraph. I’ll focus on what my reader needs to know, why it’s important and how they can mitigate risk to their organization.

Overall, it’s going better than expected. Doing a piece at a time every week has really helped keep the focus on the task at hand and do it very well so I can begin to craft my paper in the way it should be crafted.

This work © 2023 by Karie Valadez is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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