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Can one have too many sources?

Uh, maybe???

Let me give you some background. I'm conducting research for the MJ-LEL Capstone course. It's a daunting task but I've found a plethora of useful articles, statutes, caselaw, and law review articles that appear to fit my topic. I've compiled a list of the sources I've run across, organizing them in a Google doc, making sure to save the links as the title of the work so that I have an idea of what it's about. (Side bar: How did I ever conduct research prior to the internet? How did I ever stay organized?? How is it possible to do this without spending a small fortune at the library's Xerox machine copying hundreds of pages from large tomes???)

I feel good. I'm making progress. I've gathered:

  • 3 practice guides on Westlaw

  • 5 presentations

  • 7 law review articles

  • 10 internet articles

  • 15 references to statutes

  • 27 court cases

  • 2 turtle doves

  • and a 190 page set of proposed rules, with 3 columns of text per page, in the smallest font size imaginable from the Department of Education

Wait. Now I have to read all of these? O.M.G. What have I done? Guess I'll have to cancel those plans. Guess the kids will have to feed themselves. Guess I won't see the sun. I'll be holed up reading for the unseeable future. Check up on me every now and then to make sure I'm alive.

At least I've answered my question. Yes. Yes, one can have too many sources.

Can one have too many sources? © 2023 by Dorianne Browne is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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