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Can I Clone Myself?

I over committed on so many levels, and I need to clone myself.

As an employee, I am enrolled in a certificate program for executives. Can you believe I am working off of two canvas platforms? I am also responsible for my organization as a leader in HR.

At home, honestly.....thank goodness for the gig economy, because without them, my house would be a disaster and my family would starve.

As a daughter, I am the caretaker for my mom and travel to take her to her weekly doctor appointments and am her designated, "Can you help me fix this?" "I need help, my phone isn't working" go-to person.

As a mom, my daughter is in 8th grade, and I am on the committee to make her last year in middle school ah-mazing by hosting fundraisers and dances. My son is in 6th grade and making sure he is taking a shower and brushing his teeth is more work than I expected.

As a student, I am in my last term working on my Capstone and am a Senior Fellow to support other students.

As a friend and wife, doing my best to make sure I am also spending time with those that I love.

I wouldn't change a thing.

When I told my professor what was going on....I got the best advice.


So, here I am breathing. I am using this post as my pause and public journal space.

I am doing my best to my ability, and we are almost there. I see lots of celebrations on the way!

Well That Was Interesting © 2022 by Patty Wilkinson is licensed underCC BY-SA 4.0

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