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Building Career Confidence

One of the things that makes me the most proud about my work in the MJ-LEL program is feeling confident in the decisions I'm making daily for the organization I work in. With knowledge comes power, yes! But how do we use it? The program has taught me to use the knowledge I have to make better decisions. In addition, proud of decisions I've already made and knowing they do not need revision because of what I've learned.

An example of this is a dress code. Almost every company has one... but why? Without legitimate business or safety reasons it can be a questionable policy to have. Right before I enrolled in the MJ-LEL program the business owners and I decided to get rid of the long standing strict dress code the organization had because there was no business reason for why the rules were written. During coursework, we learned about The Crown Act and how dress code policies can be discriminatory. I was immediately proud of our removal of our dress code policy because I knew that it would not lead to potentially discriminatory policy enforcement.

The MJ-LEL teaches us a lot, but putting it into practice or recognizing ways in which you've already done so is the key to allowing this program to build career confidence.

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