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In listening to the “FMLA, ADA, and More” panel presentation, given by Amber, Lisa, Cristina, and Lano, I acquired a wealth of information! For example, FMLA and ADA differ in that FMLA is nicely structured and the ADA has more grey areas and is on a case-by-case basis. Also, it is best to run FMLA concurrently with Worker’s Compensation because, if not, employees could use FMLA for the 12 weeks and then use Worker’s Compensation for more time, if needed. As a federal employee, I was very interested in the discussion about the proposed changes that were discussed regarding annual leave. L.J. advocated for employees to be able to roll over more than 240 annual leave hours into the new year. As it is now, if an employee has more than 240 annual leave hours “on the books”, they must use or lose those extra hours. Also, it was suggested that employees are allowed 12-26 weeks of FMLA, depending on the situation. This discussion was insightful, informative, and very well done!!!

BRAVO!!! © 2023 by Jamei Richey is licensed underCC BY 4.0

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