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Angela Mager, PHR - BIO

A strategic and innovative Human Resources Leader with over 15 years employee and labor relations experience.

Years ago, when I worked at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, I had the great fortune of working for an EEO Manager who was previously from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Phoenix, AZ. It was during a shadow opportunity with this manager in employee investigations and interface with Labor Council from Fluor Hanford that I found my true calling to the employee and labor relations work.

Since then, I have been afforded individual contributor and leadership positions that focused on employee relations, investigations, Title VII claims, lawsuits, leave of absence laws and administration, labor avoidance, ULPs, labor campaigns and votes, first contract negotiations and renegotiations.

I enjoy partnering with legal counsel and have drafted positions statements, inquiry responses and proposals. have experience being deposed and prepping others for similar discussions.

The MJ LEL program at Tulane Law University is spot on to what I am looking for to support my career interests and I am very happy that I have pursued this opportunity.

This is about ME © 2023 by Angela Mager is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

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