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All about Shalom

My name is Shalom Wilburn and I am currently a Director of Benefits at USAA. I received my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Howard University in Washington, DC. My story is not the typical graduate from high school and then four years later I have a Bachelors degree. Rather, I attended Howard for two years and then went into the US Army hoping to get financial assistance to help pay for college. I completed 4 years in the Army during which I continued to take college courses towards my degree. I left the US Army as an Army Sergeantand eventually completed my degree in 2001 after returning to Howard University. In 2004 I complete my Masters in Organizational Management at the University of Phoenix in San Diego, CA.

As a benefits professional, it was important to me to attain a benefits certification. In 2010, I became a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist and continue to meet the continuing education requirements to keep this certification current. I have also attained the Professional in Human Resources and a Certified Compensation Professional designations and am currently enrolled in the Masters of Jurisprudence, Labor & Employment Law program at Tulane University School of Law.

What inspired me to pursue this degree program is that in my role, I constantly interact with our legal team and I would like to have more productive interactions with our legal team. I also seekto be able to read and understand legal jargon and regulations better given that the Employee Benefits field is heavily regulated.

Shalom Wilburn Biography © 2023 by Shalom Wilburn is licensed underAttribution 4.0 International

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