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A Love Letter

A Love Letter

Dear MJ-LEL Program,

We’ve had quite an interesting relationship, haven’t we? It’s been filled with happiness and frustration mixed with a ton of learning. I’ve learned a lot about you, but also about myself. I’ve learned that I always fear the new beginning and sometimes have a problem seeing the trees for the forest. This leads to feeling a deep overwhelming regret for having met you in the first place. You know, I’ve considered leaving you so many times. I could just walk away and never look back…it would be so easy.

Then, as if you’re reading my mind, you remind me that there is no growth without discomfort. And I don’t like the easy way. I’ve learned I’m stubborn like that. So, with patience, you show me that I’m more resilient and smarter than I thought. You show me that the only limit to what I can learn is the limit I put on myself. You lift me up, make me stronger, and support my dreams. You allow me my ‘moments’, but don’t let me dwell in them. You remind me there are battles to be won and there’s an army counting on me to show up – fully. They need me at my best. And MJ-LEL Program – that’s what you’re helping me to become.

You challenge me in ways that only you can. Through these trial and tribulations, you break me and rebuild me. Like a skilled welder, you fuse your knowledge to me…so artfully done, I’m not sure where I end and you begin. We are one.

I am so very grateful for you,


A Love Letter © 2023 by Leahna Ennis is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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