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20 pages of sources???

One of the assignments for the MJ-LEL Capstone course is to submit an annotated bibliography. This is a document detailing each primary and secondary source that will be used in the student's paper. It includes the Blue Book legal citation, a brief summary of the source, and description of how it will be used in the paper. So far, my annotated bibliography is 20 pages.

20 pages, people!

That's the length of the Capstone paper itself! And I don't think I'm even finished collecting sources! I am overwhelmed! Can't I just submit my annotated bibliography as my paper?

I am falling down the rabbit hole of sources. It's like the movie "Inception" -- a source within a source within a source. I come across an interesting secondary source which cites to a primary source, and then I review the primary source which cites to another source, and another, and another. It's never ending.

Methinks I need to take a break. I have to stop. Maybe get some fresh air, maybe not dig into that other court case, maybe . . . oooh, this looks interesting . . . .

20 pages of sources??? © 2023 by Dorianne Browne is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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