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M. Catherine Golden

MJ, Employment and Labor Law, Tulane Law School Class of 2023

I'm Cathy Golden and currently living in Southern California. I will be moving sometime soon this fall to Oregon for my husband’s job. I'm excited for the move as we'll be getting back to the Pacific Northwest. A favorite pastime for us is hiking so we're looking forward to getting more hiking in together as a family.

I have over 20 years of HR experience and currently, I lead US Recruiting for a smaller, but public tech company. My career has mostly been in the tech industry, on the software side. I've
spent equal time doing generalist HR function work and Recruiting end to end work, as an individual contributor, leading teams, and the leading the function.

The MJ, LEL program has given me a new way to think about our function of HR and how we lead and advise our businesses to success. The law in HR is complex because of its many
intersections of law that may have been brought forth for non-employment reasons.

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