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Kimberley Green

MJ, Employment and Labor Law, Tulane Law School Class of 2023

Passionate About People
My passion for people is what brought me to this point in my life. Let me explain....
Several years ago, I worked in the collections department for a major financial institution. During my
many years of service, I saw unequal treatment, unsupported employees; and an executive leadership
and HR department who had an inability to maintain confidentiality, unfair practices, and inconsistent
actions. At this same time, I was pursuing my BS in Business Management. I knew this was not a great
work environment, but I just figured I would get my BS and find something better. HR wasn’t even in my
line of sight.

About a year later, I started with a new employer. In my role, I worked with the FBI, Border Patrol, and
local police departments. This was my introduction into the legal world. It was interesting, it was
exciting! As I approached my graduation date, my manager at the time pulled me into her office, and
seemingly out of nowhere, she said she wanted to recommend me for a role in HR. I hadn’t thought
about a career in HR. I didn’t even know anyone who had worked in HR. Then I remembered my
experience at the bank. This was my chance to be impactful, this my chance to help people. I’ve always
been passionate about supporting and uplifting others. One of my favorite words is SERVICE.

I accepted a position as an HR Generalist. This gave me insight to all areas of HR. This is when I found
employee relations (ER). It consisted of the legal elements that were beyond intriguing, and I thought it
to be the area of HR where I could be most impactful. ER is an area of critical thinking, problem solving,
and support. This was perfect for me. Spending nearly a decade in ER, I thought it was time to take it to
the next level. But how? The answer was/ is Tulane University MJ-LEL. I knew this program would
provide me with the legal knowledge to move forward in my career, and just recently learned that it
may be a catalyst to a new venture.

Passionate About People © 2022 by Kimberly Green is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. To
view a copy of this license, visit





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