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Heather Albert

MJ, Employment and Labor Law, Tulane Law School Class of 2023

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I was born and raised in New Jersey, and attended Mount Holyoke College for my undergraduate degrees (I figured with the cost of tuition, I might as well get two of them for the price of one!). My undergraduate degrees are in Psychology and Sociology. I attended Capella University for my first graduate degree, and graduated with honors in 2011 with a Master’s of Public Administration. I got in to the human resources field because I’ve always had a passion for helping others, and I enjoy solving complex problems and engaging critical thinking. I have been in HR for a little over 20 years now, having had my first HR job when I was 16, working for my mother in her HR office. I currently work as the Vice President of Human Resources for Acres, which includes 3 companies: Acres 4.0, Acres Manufacturing Company, and Acres Technology. I am an HR Army of One, and I am responsible for everything from recruitment and retention, benefits, and employee engagement to payroll, quarterly reporting, worker’s compensation, and policy drafting and implementation.

I am a mother to two 10-year old boys, Cameron and Eli. I am married to my husband of two years (and best friend of 11), Chris. We live in Henderson, Nevada (a suburb of Las Vegas). When I’m not working, I’m often found doing schoolwork, crafting (I sew and have a Cricut as well), reading almost anything I can get my hands on - I love thrillers!, working on our cars, and cosplaying with a 501(c)(3) group called the Las Vegas Avengers. We enjoy lots of family time playing Pokemon Go together, sitting by our firepit in the backyard, and watching Dr. Who. The kids play instruments as well - Cameron is just beginning lessons on the trumpet, and Eli on the guitar. We spend a lot of time with our family as well - my parents live about 10 minutes away, and Chris’ parents live about 5 minutes away. We love getting everyone together for bbq and football on Sundays!

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