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Lano Johnson

MJ, Employment and Labor Law, Tulane Law School Class of 2023

Hello, everyone. My name is Lano Johnson. I was born and raised in Charleston, SC. I now reside in Woodbridge VA. I have two beautiful children, a son, 29 and a daughter, 17. I love being a parent. It has been one of the most joyful experiences. And now I am enjoying being a Nana to my four-year-old grandson. I love working out and fitness it is where I am able to relax and start my day off. I also love sitting and watching old sitcoms to me it's corny but the funniest.


I work for the Department of Defense Army been working for 16 years and I enjoy what I do as a Human Resources Specialist. I work everything pertaining to Human Resources the only thing that I have not done yet and hoping the opportunities presents itself is policies and compliances. Establishing and putting policies in place is the last stop to make the changes I want to in the federal workforce.


The reason why I applied to the MJ program is first my girlfriend raved about it. I want to work and establish policies. I felt the only way I can be proficient I really need to understand employment and labor law, and getting a better understanding of Title 5, 10 and 7 to help guide the workforce in a better direction. I knew once I started the journey it will allow me to approach the policy in a direction of knowledge and understanding because I understood the laws that drive the policies.

I want to start this journey being as proficient in my skills and when it comes to employment law I am considered a subject matter expert (SME) moving forward in this journey as a Human Resources Specialist policies and compliances.

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