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Amber Rhoton

MJ, Employment and Labor Law, Tulane Law School Class of 2023

In my previous corporate career, my coworkers laughingly referred to me as "Amber Alert" because my name is Amber and I ran the HR department. So, it was like "watch out, HR is here." SUPER hilarious. I worked really hard to change that perception of "oh no, HR is here", but the nickname stuck.


Here I am in my office at that company in 2014. Clearly, an intimidating "HR lady", right?

I was so excited to join the Tulane MJ-LEL program because I have always felt a pull to go to law school (I love *almost* everything about employment law) but I didn't want to practice law and I really didn't want to learn about any other area of the law except labor and employment. This program seemed perfect for me and now that I'm in my final semester, I can confidently say it was a perfect choice.

I own and operate an HR advisory firm and work with small businesses all across the country spanning a multitude of industries. The MJ curriculum and expert professors have proven wildly valuable and immediately applicable to my career and business in so many ways over the last two years. 

Here I am today, roughly 7 years after that first picture was taken and a day away from my 7th year running my business. Two years ago, I would never had added photos of myself to a post like this. A year ago, I would have found the perfect outfit, applied the perfect makeup and hair, taken dozens of shots, hated them all, and reluctantly added the image vowing to never look at the post again. Today, I grabbed a lipgloss from the car and snapped the shot. I still won't ever look at it again, but #progressnotperfection.


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